MCLA Camaro Club T/A Racing

About Us

The MCLA Camaro Club holds this event for members and qualified racers which is meant to honor the classic SCCA Trans Am Series. Each "Race Weekend" which will be held monthly, we'll be racing at a different "track" on the streets of Midnight Club: Los Angeles (PS3) that have been carefully selected to be similar to the real tracks in speed, difficulty and elevations.  This series consists of 8 or more "Race Weekends" to create a "season" of racing at different tracks.  There's a winner for each Race Day in each class and will be a "Champion" that wins with the most points from the season in each class.  Each "Race Day" race will consist of 5 laps total on the selected track where the first lap (sometimes less) is run behind the pace/safety car.  Member's position behind the pace car in each class will be determined by a short individual time trial (vehicle inspection preceding) on another similar track.  This series will most likely branch out into other racing games such as "Grid" and "Shift" maybe even (most important other game) GranTurismo 5 as time goes by, but for now we will focus on MC:LA because that's where the heart of our club lies. 

***This series is designed to be precision driver's racing.  If you are overagressive, like to hit other racers, objects on purpose or drift/ride walls around every corner, you need not go through the required practices/testing to enter this series.  Although this is a "racing" series, there are no huge prizes for winners or anything like that so we'd like to stress that this series is more designed to be fun and a tribute to one of the greatest racing series ever and not to be "competitive at all costs" racing.***

Although this series is not its own seperate racing club, we will be treating it like one starting Feb. 21st 2010.  In order to be accepted into the elite group of T/A racers on the track already, anyone interested will be required to practice a certain number of times with other racers & pass website knowledge and precision racing skill qualification tests and if approved will need to have cars that are made to the required visual and performance specs.  You can register to race at any time but please understand that if Me, Jade and/or other T/A officials do not believe you are qualified enough or your car(s) is not within specs, you will not make it into the current upcoming Race Weekend.  If you do get in though, get ready for alot of fun!!!  You can try to qualify for the next race weekend if you do not make it for the first one.  We take this series very serious and all racers on the track will be required to honor Camaro Club rules which basically are to respect others at all costs.

The Classes (ran seperately):

There will be 4 or more "classes" that members can enter for each "Race Weekend":  The first two being the "Classic" class and the "Classic Recreation" class.  They both are the same in the fact that you can use the same cars listed below but the "Classic Recreation" class is for recreations/replicas of ONLY  of REAL T/A race cars (down to the last detail) that were on the track from '66-'72 and the ones from the Historic races today. (some cars haven't changed much over the years.)  Each participant has either recreated a classic SCCA T/A race car, or has designed their own according to the specifications we've set in the rules section. For these classes, the cars that will be racing are the 1969 Camaro, 1969 Mustang and 1970 Challenger   Recently added to the lineup for Race Day/Weekend #2 is the 1966 GTO and 1978 TransAm in limited number entries and under specific conditions.  We've selected these specific cars because they were all on the track at some time in the original SCCA Trans Am races and some still race in the "Historic Races" today!

The third class is the "New/Concept" class based on the new pony cars that have returned.  This class will be a little less strict in car design specs (graphics, rims, etc.).  This class is going to be alot of fun also and is designed to portray what it will be like if they get these new versions of the original pony cars out on the track in the same fashion as the classic pony cars.  For this class, the cars that will be racing are the Concept Camaro, Concept Challenger and 05 Mustang GT.

The fourth class is the 280Z class.  The Z car was on the track at certain times and figure since it has a lower level of performance and the 280Z specifically is offered in MCLA we would add it to the lineup as its own class.  There were many different Datsuns and other Import and European cars out on the SCCA tracks but sadly none of them but the 280Z are offered in MCLA so we put it in its own class.  These cars are fun to drive and look at! 

Each car has been given specifics as to what can and cannot be tuned. This is to try to make the cars as even as possible to keep the racing competitive.